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    Choose a mentor-Enrich your stay

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    Build your Skills

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    Connect to Torah

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    Create life-long friendships

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She'arim College of Jewish

Studies for Women

is committed to educating Jewish women to deepen their knowledge and commitment to their Heritage. Our approach to education is holistic, integrating intellectual study and spiritual growth with practical everyday skills.

We believe that education and growth are a continuing life long process.  We encourage  women to develop, maintain, and utilize a close student teacher relationship in this process.

Choose your Shearim learning level! At She'arim we take your success seriously
offering a host of textual based classes on a variety of levels. Get to know your level:

Taste of Torah is a program designed for women who are curious about their Jewish heritage. No prior knowledge of Jewish Studies, commitment to Jewish observance, or knowledge Hebrew is required      .   Read more

Beit Midrash or study program

Shiur Aleph (beginner - Level 1a and Level 1b)is suited to students who have a positive identification with Judaism, basic committment to Shabbat and Kashrut observance, and are ready to gain basic skills in Torah study     Read more

Shiur Bet (Intermediate - Level 2) is appropriate for students with some Jewish knowledge of Torah learning. Students in this level wish to develop their learning skills and broaden their philosophical knowledge, particularly through the study of Chumash with classical commentaries.               Read more

Shiur Gimel (Advanced - level 3) offers students who are comfortable studying Chumash with commentaries the opportunity to deepen their skills and encounter challenging, new levels of learning.              Read more

She’arim’s core educational program is divided into the beginner- Taste of Torah program and the Beit Midrash or ,Study Program.  These programs have several levels

We are flexible! Come when you can!

She’arim created short-term and long-term sessions throughout the year.

This allows women to join us at any season they find convenient!

We have created programs and sessions that start and end at different times throughout the year,

We realize that the dates of our sessions might not work for you, so we will make it work for you. Using individualized schedules , tutors and a close student mentor relationship allows students to join an ongoing session, at any time.

Whenever you come to She’arim, you can know that we will welcome you warmly and help you acclimate to the ongoing classes.  

Full sessions list and their dates

Upcoming sessions

 Mid Winter December 23, 2012 - January 3, 2013    Winter January 6 - March 11, 2013 


She'arim offers a variaty of programs including:

She'arim offers several seminars.

These seminars cater to goups visiting Israel as well as women living in the Jerusalem area.

Need a spiritual boost?

Bring She'arim to your hometown by inviting one or more of our lecturers to your community for a lecture, weekend or seminar.

She’arim faculty members are sent abroad to spread She’arim's unique Torah learning style throughout the Jewish world. These places include U.S., Canada, England, South Africa and Australia.

Rebbetzin Pavlov usually travels to the States and Canada in November, March and May/June.

She travels to England in January/February.

  If you are interested in bringing one of our outstanding educators to your community, contact us at  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for more information.

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