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Beginner- Taste of Torah program  

  • grammar 1Taste of Torah is a program designed for women who are curious about their Jewish heritage. No prior knowledge of Jewish Studies, commitment to Jewish observance, or knowledge Hebrew is required. 
  • The breadth of the curriculum provides a well-balanced introduction to Jewish thought, text, tradition, and practice.
  • The intimate classes and mentoring options provide the students with a framework to integrate Judaism into their lives in an individualized way, respecting each student’s pace and unique spirituality.
  • Taste of Torah is a one month program with the option of a one month extension.

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 Beit Midrash or study program


She’arim is based on the foundation of text-based learning. Students have the opportunity to discover the depth of Torah through learning the text -- chavruta style. Chavruta-learning pairs up two students of similar abilities, allowing them to assist each other to build skills.

Tutors are provided for students with limited text experience , with the goal of teaching students to be independent in their learning.

The beauty of textual learning is that information which is gleaned from the source provides a richer understanding and appreciation of the subject matter. Students learn to appreciate the complexity of the Torah by asking questions on textual subtleties and nuances. The literacy gained from text-based Torah learning enables students to continue learning for a lifetime and to educate their children.

Students are placed in appropriate levels based on their background and skills. As students progress, they reassess their textual skills and decide when they are ready for the challenge of the next level. Find Out more

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Sephardic Heritage Program

If you are Sephardic the Sephardic Heritage Program is for you

She’arim’s Sephardic Heritage Program is the first women’s program in Jerusalem to identify and address the community-wide need for education geared  exclusively to the English speaking Sephardic community.

Married Women's Program


She'arim goes to great lengths to meet the needs of these special women by offering ongoing classes specially tailored to the interests of married women. In addition, mentors are available to help them adjust to their own new - and exciting - life.

Chesed: Contributing to the Community

chesed or gallary

Chesed is part of Jewish tradition and Halacha and is integral to the development of a well-rounded person. She'arim provides a full range of chesed opportunities, including organized school events, creation of personalized chesed agendas, and integration within the broader community.


She'arim offers several seminars. These seminars cater both to goups visiting Israel as well as Local Community Seminars.

Groups Visiting Israel

For information about seminars for visiting groups, see our page: The Power of the Jewish Woman.

To schedule a seminar or for further information, contact: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Women in Jerusalem

For information about upcoming seminars in the Jerusalem area, please email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Ulpan: Learn to Speak Hebrew at She'arim


We offer a mini - ulpan at She'arim two evenings a week on a beginner and intermediate level with a trained ulpan teacher. At medaberet Ivrit? (Do you speak Hebrew?) If not, you can learn at She'arim!

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