Class Curriculum

Chumash – Further develop your study skills, utilizing the traditional literary analytical approach to Torah texts. Additionally you will expand your understanding of various commentaries such as Rashi, Ramban, Kli Yakar, and Midrash.

In Depth Study of the Prophets - An intensive study of the Early Prophets, using the classical commentaries. The historical background of the narratives is explored with the addition of the literary features of the text and the philosophical implications of the stories.

Halacha (Jewish Law) - Enjoy a clear and concise presentation of practical Jewish Law enhanced by explanations of the background and reasons for the observance. 

Hashkafa - Discuss basic issues of Jewish faith.

Interpersonal Relationships - Challenge yourself! Discuss the philosophical understanding and practical applications of laws regulating relationships between people and then find the practical applications of these concepts in your life. Sources used in this class include texts from the Torah through to modern-day rabbinic writings.

Midrash – A stimulating course comprised of an analysis and discussion of major philosophical themes found in the Midrash.

Parsha (Weekly Torah Portion) – Gain a deeper understanding of the Parsha. Take a philosophical look at themes and topics from the weekly Torah reading.

Rambam – Explore the Philosophy of Maimonides (Rabbi Moses ben Maimon) by studying a selection of his works.

Tefilla – Uplift your prayers by understanding the purpose and essence of each prayer You will learn about  the structure and words of prayer in order to enable the integration of the course’s philosophical ideas into your daily prayers.

Tehillim – Explore the legacy from King David; understand each of word, and gain a greater perception of the message found in each chapter.

Chassidut – Develop your character through the inspiring words of the Netivot Shalom. Topics include emunah, bitachon and general middot development.

Survey of the Prophets – Gain an overview of the prophetic books of Joshua, Judges, Samuel, and Kings.  

Grammar  - Wish to further improve your Biblical Hebrew and grammar? An optional ten session intermediate grammar  class is offered to students who wish to improve their knowledge of Biblical Hebrew and grammar.


Chavruta - Make the learning your own by preparing texts for your morning classes with a partner. The preparation is done in pairs, (“chavruta”), supervised by the course instructor.   

Many of the  classes include a shorter chavruta time within the scheduled class period.