Class Curriculum

Personal Growth Through Torah – Develop the tools you need to grow into the person you want to become. This course presents practical methods of self-improvement and is based on the works of Rabbi Eliyahu Dessler and Rabbi Shlomo Wolbe.

The Power of Prayer - Why do we pray? What are we praying for? What do the prayers mean to the individual and the nation? This class is a discussion about the concepts of prayer focusing on significant parts of the Shabbat and daily prayer service.

Women in Tanach –  Investigate the Biblical account of  great women in Jewish history with a focus on the real life lessons for  women today.

Ethical Experience - Take a fresh look at foundational Jewish concepts and how they apply in our modern world. Discover your role as an individual in God's world.

 Exploring Torah - Familiarize yourself with the stories of the Torah, exploring the inner meaning and discovering how each incident is truly relevant to our lives today.

 Interpersonal Relationships – A sure way to enhance any relationship; in this course you will learn to understand and apply the laws that apply “between man and his fellow”. You will be taught how to apply this in your day-to-day encounters with other people.

 Introduction to Jewish Law (Halacha) - A practical approach to Jewish Law, revealing how it brings meaning and order to our lives.

 Timely Topics – Ask away! This class is given by a rotation of She'arim educational staff, on just about anything you ever wanted to know about Judaism. Timely Topics provides you with an opportunity to ask your questions on anything and everything!

 The Jewish Calendar - Take a tour around the Jewish year! Discover how the festivals add significance to life, even in this modern era.

 Jewish Philosophy - Study some fundamental aspects of Jewish theology, including G-d and His relationship to Creation, the World to Come, the Messiah, free will, and destiny. 

Jewish Thought – Discover how understanding Torah philosophy can enrich our lives and provide us with a broader worldview. With a good understanding of these issues they can then be applied to everyday situations.

Messages from the Parsha – This class will provide you with an overview of the weekly Torah reading focusing on the moral, ethical, and philosophical issues raised throughout the Parsha.

Wisdom of the Ages – Take a step back and perceive the world through the ancient wisdom of Jewish sources. The lessons are largely taken from Ethics of the Fathers.