Class Curriculum

Class Curriculum

Chumash – in this class you will develop reading, translation, and Rashi study skills.

Interpersonal Relationships – A sure way to improve any relationship; discuss the conceptual understandings and practical applications of laws regulating all relationships between man and man. Take a look at sources from the Torah through to modern-day rabbinic writings and watch them become alive as the instructor relates personal examples of the practical applications of these concepts in their lives.

Jewish Law (Halacha) – Enjoy a clear and concise presentation of practical Jewish Law enhanced by explanations of the background and reasons for the observance. 

Parsha in Depth – “It’s all in the Parsha!” Have an in-depth look at major topics in Jewish life and beliefs which develop from the weekly Torah portion.

Personal Growth Through Torah – Challenge yourself! Learn to use the values of Torah to change the way you relate to others and the world around you. Study selections from a contemporary Torah mussar giant ,    Rav Wolbe.      

Pirkei Avos – Analyze individual and social problems in light of the wisdom of the Talmudic sages. Pirkei Avos is a study of the moral philosophy of Judaism.  

Prayer – Familiarize yourself with the structure and content of the prayer book. In this class, a special emphasis is put on understanding the philosophical concepts contained within the prayers.

The Jewish Calendar – Swing around the year and discover how the festivals are relevant to modern life.

Women in Tanach –  Investigate the Biblical account of some great women in Jewish history with a focus on the real life lessons for a woman today.

Clouds of Glory – Enjoy an in depth study of Jewish concepts such as: the Messiah, the Redemption, and the Land of Israel.

Grammar - Wish to reinforce your knowledge of Biblical Hebrew and grammar? An optional ten session grammar tutorial class is offered to students who want to build on the foundations and strengthen their knowledge of Hebrew and Grammar.


Survey of the Prophets – Gain a detailed overview of the prophetic books of Joshua, Judges, Samuel, and Kings.  An emphasis is put on understanding the  history of the Jews in Israel before and during the First Temple time.


Chavruta – Make the learning your own by preparing texts for the lecture that follows with a partner. The chavruta session is from 9:25 until 10:25 every day and is supervised by tutors.

Other morning classes also include a shorter chavruta time within the scheduled class period.