Accommodations / Dorms

dormShe’arim houses students in apartments located within a 5-15 minute walk from the school. Each apartment houses six to eight students with no more than two students to a bedroom.

Dorms are available for full time students only.  There is a two week minimum for staying in the dorm.

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visaStudents are required to obtain a student visa if they are plan to stay in Israel for several months.

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Health Insurance

stethoscopIsraeli medical insurance is mandatory for all students. Israeli hospitals will not accept insurance from other countries.

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Flights to Israel

flight     The cost of flying to Israel can vary greatly. In searching for a ticket you should be aware of several factors:

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Student Computers

computerShe'arim's student lounge has several computers available for student use. Wireless internet access is provided for those students with their own laptop computer.

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phoneAll She'arim students are obligated to have a cell phone. This is due to security reasons. There are a variety of cell phone plans available to accomodate your specific needs.

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