Frequently Asked Questions


 Are there any scholarships available?

For more detailed information, see Scholarships and Assistance page (Prospective Students)

She'arim participates in the Masa Scholarship Fund sponsored by the Jewish Agency for Israel. MASA is Hebrew for "Journey," and MASA's vision is that every year, more and more youngJews from around the world will start their journey with a semester or year in Israel, exploring theland, experiencing its culture, growing and learning together. More info on Masa

Alisa Flatow Overseas Student program

Your local Jewish federation or synagogue may have funds for study in Israel. See

She'arim also has a limited number of scholarships available for students wishing to study 5 months or more. Please contact our This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for more details.

We encourage potential students to contact a variety of possible sources of funding, outside of She'arim. An excellent resource regarding funding is StudyinIsrael. For more information see our "Scholarships & Assistance" page. 

 Do you have any scholarships available even though I’m only coming for 2 weeks or less?

We have the option of tuition loan deferment and work study for short term study. Scholarships or other forms of assistance may be available from other sources. See above.

 Are there any other options for funding?

Work study program is available for students who cannot afford to pay full tuition. Working for the school enables students to contribute to the school while reducing their fees.


Many students also get part time jobs such as babysitting or helping families prepare for Shabbos. This is a way to cover pocket money.


 Does She’arim provide learning for beginners who are not beginners in torah?

The Taste of Torah provides a safe and secure place for beginners from all backgrounds to ask questions and feel comfortable . Private tutors are provided. No level of observance required.  See our Taste of Torah page.

 Does She’arim provide learning for advanced students?

She’arim provides a unique environment where students can progress at their own level both in text skill and knowledge. The Beit Midrash program incorporates beginners to advanced students in depth study.  See our Beit Midrash page.

 Who do I talk to when I need to reflect, have questions about what I’m learning or have life decisions to make?

She’arim is small by design in order to give our students maximum attention in all areas of their study and lives. Teachers are available to meet with you with anything you wish to discuss. You can initiate these discussions with the teacher of your choice and simply ask to make an appointment.


 Are She'arim apartments near the school and can I make a request where I will be placed?

She'arim apartments are located all throughout the neighborhood of Har Nof. Most are a 5 to 15 minute walk from the school.

Requests should not be made with the exception of a medical reason.

 Can I go to She’arim part time and still stay in the She’arim apartments?

The apartments are reserved for full time students only. While we welcome part time students, we cannot house them in our dorm.  

If you are interested in part time study, She’arim can provide you with a list of short- term rentals in the neighborhood


 Do I have to start on the first day of the semester?

It is advisable, but not required. She’arim is uniquely designed to accommodate busy schedules and is flexible enough to work with you on the time frame that works for you. 

 How much pocket-money will I need per week?

Although this is relative to your needs and lifestyle, Most find $75 a week for food and transportation to be adequate. Trips, holidays and Shabbat outside Jerusalem require extra funds. For more information you may contact us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

 How many meals a day does She'arim provide? 

She’arim provides a hot dairy/parve lunch daily plus a coffee room open all day. Breakfast can be prepared before classes and dinner is made independently in your apartment.

 Do we have to make our own Shabbat plans? Does the school spend Shabbat together?

Shabbat hospitality is offered weekly. Sign up is required by Tuesday afternoon and families in Har Nof are more than happy to host our students. As well, we are happy to try to place students outside the city, if they are interested.

We do make Shabbatons  in Har Nof and in other cities throughout the year.

Many times students join together for a meal on Shabbat. Making the meal themselves and hosting each other can be a very appealing option..


 Does She'arim offer any kind of dating service or is there a shadchan to talk to?

When you are ready to date, we will be happy to assist.  Although most of our students are of dating age when they arrive ,we encourage students to focus on their studies while we get to know you. One of our Rebbetzins serves as a liason to shadchanim in Jerusalem. She will meet with you, introduce you to the shadchanim,  and offer advice along the way.  Your mentor, as well, will be happy to assist you and guide you in the process.   

 Does Shearim give a transcript?

Many colleges and universities accept the credits from She'arim College of Jewish Studies for Women. It is recommended, however, that the student consult the registrar of the home college she is attending, or plans to attend, to ascertain the college's policy. Upon request, a transcript for courses successfully completed at She'arim will be issued. The fee for each transcript is $25.00 USD and can be paid by credit card. Please note; it takes approximately one month to process a transcript once the request is received and studies have been completed. Students must study a minimum of four weeks in order to be eligible for credits.

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