We often receive notes from students, alumni, or others. Thank you note

These notes may provide an insight into She'arim.

R.L. Goodbye Speech

As I near the end of my time here at She’arim, I can’t help but reflect over all this year has brought me. There have been some amazing, wonderful memories made, chesseds performed, tiyulim "tiyuled", and best of all, relationships forged. I must confess to experiencing a certain trepidation at returning to the United States. My home is here now; my support system is here. What is it that I’m returning to?

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A Poem by T.M.

When a student leaves She'arim Rebbizen Kaganoff often writes a poem for the student. When T.M. left she wrote a poem that expresses her feelings about She'arim.

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Israel, She'arim, and MASA

I remember when I first fell in love with Israel. It was December 2005 and, as the wheels of the plane kissed the runway, the travelers around me broke out into applause. “I’m here,” I thought, “I’ve arrived.”

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R.K. goodbye letter

Dear Rebbetzin Kaganoff,

Thank you so much for offering to be my mentor during my short time at She’arim. Although I feel very fortunate that my experience was so positive and fulfilling that I did not feel the need to come to you to work through any difficulties, it was very reassuring to know that I had you to turn to if I needed anything. For this I am so grateful.


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S. B. Thank You Letter

Dear Rebbetzin Pavlov,

Thank you so much for all of your guidance and care for me in my time at She'arim!

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ALEH Center

ALEH JERUSALEM CENTER for  Rehabilitative Care for Disabled Children

A letter thanking She'arim students for an activity at the center.


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L. C. Goodbye Letter

Dear Rebbetzin Pavlov,

I hope this email finds you and your family well. I realised today I forgot to write a goodbye letter, I apologize it's not handwritten on paper, but despite the medium, I hope to Hashem that it conveys my deep grattitude.

You taught me that we can choose to be a shaliach for good into the world, or bad; as with Adam choosing to sin, or Ovadiah who chose right and merited prophecy. Thank you for choosing to be the shaliach of such goodness into my life. I was broken down when I first arrived at Shearim. You set on a path to light, to well-being, serenity, G-dliness. Thank you. I will never forget your kindness, your wisdom, and your tremendous sense of humor. (I think the best mussar I ever got was at the Purim Shpeil). You taught me Rav Dessler, and what it means to truly love: to give. An invaluable lesson, I pray to Hashem, I will use in all my relationships.

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M. H. on returning to Chile

I look back, at least I try to, almost 8 months ago, but I start feeling that there is no free space on my hard disk. There are so many memories, so much life, real life. When people say "time flies" they may be right, but now I realize how much it depends on how we understand time. I can say that during these months that I went to She'arim time flew so fast, but when I start reviewing every single moment spent in that amazing and warm place, I understand what it means to live,-- not only to breathe but to be truly alive, every second of the day.

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