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At She'arim, active engagement in the process of learning allows each student to develop her own personal attachment to Torah, gain the commitment and motivation to continue growing after she leaves, and acquire the skills necessary to do so.

We offer an extensive selection of classes in Chumash and Navi with commentaries, Halacha, Prayer, Jewish thought and Ethics.  Our more philosophical classes on Maharal, Ramchal, and Chassidut allow our students to consciously access the spiritual depths of Judaism, while our emphasis on text keeps these classes grounded. 

She’arim is a school for women run by women. 

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Care is taken to provide all the elements necessary to develop the kind of connection to Torah that is uniquely a woman’s. The atmosphere at She'arim is characterized by mutual cooperation, concern, encouragement, and growth. We want every student to reach her potential emotionally, intellectually, and spiritually. 

Emphasis is placed on text-based learning, with many classes including a time slot for text preparation, allowing students to access original texts with a study partner before the presentation of the lecture. Students develop their skills in reading, translating, and applying the text.

Learning is not limited to classroom settings.


She’arim presents a wide array of experiences that are all provided to enhance the students’ appreciation and attachment to Judaism. Tours, guest speakers, chesed opportunities, workshops and demonstrations are all part of the She’arim experience. 


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One of the most powerful aspects of She’arim is the mentoring program.  The small size of the school, high teacher to student ratio, and dedicated faculty allow for personal guidance. For many of our students, the mentor relationship continues well beyond the period of formal study.




Our students prepare the texts for a lecture that follows. This preparation is done in pairs, called chavruta, and is supervised by the course instructor. Tutors assist the study pairs and are available to answer questions during this time. In the beginning levels, students are taught the needed skills to learn with a study partner in tutorial preparation sessions and in the grammar tutorial.  


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She'arim makes extensive use of tutors to provide individualized instruction. The use of tutors allows us to provide each student with the tools that she needs to understand the text. The tutor helps the student understand the basic structure of Tanach/Bible, teaches the rules of grammar, and other basic tools in learning text.

In addition, a student may request that a tutor teach her any topic that is of particular interest to her. This allows students to explore subjects that are not a part of the general curriculum.  At She'arim, we do our best to address each student's educational needs.  

Interactive classroom

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Small by design, the majority of our classes are interactive. Students are encouraged to question and participate as they explore the material together with the teacher.

Basic Jewish Concepts and Grammar Tutorial

grammar 1A brief overview of Jewish concepts is given weekly in each level in order to help students fill in basic Jewish knowledge. Topics include: the Jewish timeline, commonly used Hebrew and Aramaic expressions, and a synopsis of the personalities in the Bible.    An optional ten session grammar tutorial class is offered on two levels to students who wish to improve their knowledge of Biblical Hebrew and grammar. Our classes in grammer are designed to allow the students to gain the skills needed to read, understand, and study the text in hebrew.

Teacher Training


At She'arim, we are constantly looking to the future. Our teacher training program is designed to give advanced students and alumni the tools they need to develop their teaching skills. Intense classes in Chumash with Rashi, Navi, Ramban, Rambam, and Pedagogy include weekly homework assignments in each topic. 


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